Using Panoramic Photography (360 degrees all round) to promote your business has many advantages over conventional photographs or even video. Visitors to your website will be able to look around as if they were actually there. Please take a look at our projects. If you would like information about my services, please use the "Contact" button.

Virtual Tours are my specialty and every one I produce is professionally shot, edited to an exceptionally high standard and is of high resolution. This allows them to be enlarged to full screen with minimal reduction in quality and allows the viewer to zoom in or out and focus on features of interest.

The Virtual Tour interface allows the internet user to have a totally interactive experience; within each tour we are able to add links to points of interest, allowing your visitor to experience a virtual walk around the Panoramic location. This interface may be customised for each of my clients who may need a multi room tour with music or a single room with video of manufactring processes. What is the difference between a video and a Virtual tour? The Virtual tour is interactive, the users has full control "look around as if you were there"

The video is passive viewing with no interaction.


Today, 84% of house buyers turn to the internet to look for their next home. This shows the increasing impact the internet is having on all our lives. Using a Virtual Tour in your marketing, internet users are now able to experience moving from room to room in the properties, as if they were there in person. This technology has no boundaries.


Allow your prospective guests to view the surrounding country or seaside before they book, thereby supporting your written word in your brochure.


Show your Centre's amenities and special features to their full potential, demonstrating ambience and mood during their Virtual Tour.


The Virtual tour enables members of the wedding party to get a feel for their special day and identify special requirements. The Tour may be included on a Compact Disc within your promotional material for potential clients to show family and friends, possibly generating additional referred business.

Object Photography:

The ability to rotate an object around a 360 degree view rather than just showing a traditional still image on your website. This type of photography is ideal for catching viewers attention as people are often drawn to movement also making the viewing experience more interactive.

Image Quality – Beware of Imitations!:

To produce each High Resolution panorama, we use the highest quality professional equipment, which takes at least six high resolution, full frame images which are then ‘stitched’ using the latest advanced software tools. This maximises the quality of the final panoramic image to the extent that it can be examined by your clients in close detail with minimal loss of quality. Less advanced techniques which can quickly produce a panorama by taking a single shot of the subject through a distorted mirror are available but simply cannot produce the image quality.

The lower quality images do, however, have the advantage of being cheaper to produce, so do have their place where cost is more important than detail. We charge reduced rates for this form of panorama.

What else:

In short this technology is limitless; presenting a 360 degree image for your potential client to wander through at their leisure. This has to be a powerful enhancement to your marketing tools.